University Clubs

Here in Brighton we’re fortunate to have two universities (Brighton & Sussex).  Sussex graduates founded Brighton Ultimate in the mid 2000s.  The Panthers, Brighton Uni’s frisbee team, then began in about 2010 and have been growing in size since.

  • Sussex Mohawks

    Founded in 1986 the Mohawks have nine outdoor Uni championships to their name and two indoor.  They are coached by Brighton Ultimate players and as a club consistently have players representing GB at youth and senior level. Website:

  • Brighton Panthers

    The Panthers may have only started existence in 2006 but are already producing some exceptional players; including GB representatives.  Their graduates also play in the various BU club teams at top level tournaments in the UK. Website:

Brighton Club Teams

Brighton Ultimate can boast sending more teams to tour than any other club.  We employ an umbrella organisational structure, one that allows team captains to manage their own team whilst we take care of the admin aspects: entering tour, insurance, etc.  These are the Brighton teams this season:

  • Brighton City (Open)

    The currently top performing Open Club team from Brighton, there is a trial process for prospective players which happens early in the calendar year. City train every Wednesday evening in Preston Park during the season, with the aim of consistently performing as high as possible at the UK National Championships, and the European Club Championships (if they qualify from Nationals). In 2014 they finished 5th at Nationals and 17th in Europe.

  • Brighton Women

    Brighton Women’s club caters for all women based in and around Brighton regardless of ability or experience. We welcome both those who want to train competitively and those who love to socialise . The season is split into two, initially we look to promote the development of women’s in Brighton through weekly training sessions and adhoc weekends.   The latter part of the season is focussed on building a competitive team for the tournament season.

  • Brighton Breezy (Mixed)

    Breezy has been Brighton’s premier mixed team for the last few years, consistently finishing high up in the mixed tour and at nationals. During trials held in January Breezy look to recruit athletes who are passionate about playing mixed from the ultimate community both in Brighton, and beyond. In 2015 they finished 3rd at UKU Nationals.

Brighton Breezy
Mixed Tour 3 2015