Community Engagement

Brighton Ultimate believes in engaging with the community to benefit the club and society as a whole.  We want to get people active and teach them our values.  Ultimate is a self-refereed sport and as such the values are vital to the game and our community. We believe in introducing the sport (and its values) into schools.  We hold open to everyone tournaments in most months of the year for all skill levels. We have part-time coaches who work with the local university clubs to not only coach but to help increase participation. Brighton Ultimate also facilitates the 100+ members to regular games, practices and socials with financial support for Brighton teams enter into national and international competitions.

What’s actually available?

Lots.  Taster Sessions, After-School Clubs, Internal Competitions within schools and bigger events between schools. We are happy to tailor events specifically to what you require. We have a pool of experienced and qualified coaches to pick from and we’re always looking to expand our club!  >> Contact page <<